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Video Marketing - Client Discovery Form

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Tell us about your business - what do you do, who do you help, what do you love about it, what is your why? *
Why would your customers choose to buy from you over your competitors? What do you do that's different or would help make you stand out? (be specific about your Value proposition) *
What does your typical sales process or cycle look like? Eg: A customer calls, then fills out a form, then sets an appointment for a consult, etc.
What are your short term goals for your company?
What are your long term goals for your company?
What product or service would you like to sell more of?
Who is your ideal client? Tell us about who you want to do more business with.
Realistically, how many additional customers would you like to acquire a month? Please set a number.
What would you say has been your most effective advertising method?

Thanks for submitting!

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